About Us

Haq’s Bay Automobiles Ltd. is a leading automobile retailer in Bangladesh involved in the import, sales, distribution and service of all kinds of brand new and used automobiles, transports, construction equipment and CNG conversion equipment. Being one of the biggest shareholders of the automobile trade market, it is also the only ISO accredited service center in the nation.


The company was incorporated in 1997 under the Companies Act, and was registered with the Board of Investment (at present BIDA). With over three decades’ worth of history in sales and distribution of nearly every kind of brand new and imported Japanese used vehicles with quality after sales service, Haq’s Bay has made significant impact in the market.



Haq’s Bay Automobiles Ltd. has 2 sales centers for motor vehicles – one in Dhaka and another in Chittagong. There is an independent sales center of spare parts and an aftersales service center in the city-center of Dhaka.

As for credentials, the company was responsible for the prolific marketing of the Dong Feng Truck throughout Bangladesh, being the sole distributor of China Dong Feng Motor Corp. commercial vehicles. It also introduced the brand new Grand Tiger Double Cabin Pickup (4×4 and 4×2), manufactured by ZX automobile in China, with success.

Haq’s Bay currently has over 150 employees that ensure high quality service to our customers as well, being the key reason as to the company’s accomplishments over the years.